AERO_TRACKERS_M5_SD_BINARY Private edition. 2019/3/31

*** AERO_TRACKERS_M5_For_SD_Uploader (M5Stack(Arduino ESP32)) Private edition. 2019/3/31 ***

-Works that ported STG [AERO TRACKER’S], which was operating in MIDP environment.
-When using the [M5Stack-SD-Menu] system, set [AERO_TRACKERS_M5.bin] and [[mp3][jpg][json]FOLDER] to SD
 If you write it to [Root folder], it works only by selecting from [Menu].
-Sound additional version.
-Redistribution is impossible due to the circumstances of license.
-It is for testing.
 Because of the copyright of MP3 data, we will not redistribute it.

It is a binary only release.
-On the data side, including the content written to the source, I have only the right to use, so there is no plan to release the source.
-Please contact us at any time for technical parts.


This is a porting work of the work [AERO TRACKER’S] made in the early days of Galaq, Doja 2.1-3.0, or MIDP.
Insert the [M5Stack-SD-Menu] system and copy include [~.bin] to the SD root,
I think I can start it. I do not use SPIFFS other than score save.
The minimal version of the former game was running at a total of 30 kb including resources (they were paid for a while).
It is a so-called drunk operation, one-key action game.
Your machine falls automatically. Rise with the [B] ([C]) button.
(Can be dropped at high speed with the [A] button. What is one key …?)
Operation is also possible with the thumb joystick button / upper input.
You can mute the audio by pressing the [C] button at startup.


-For [M5Stack-SD-Menu] system.
+[M5Stack-SD-Menu] > Copyright 2018 tobozo
-A version that corresponds to “thumb joystick”.
-Corresponds to 【M5 unit】 stick of I2C connection.
-Corresponds to 【M5 unit】 dual button of GROVE [B] connection.
-2019/3/17 Added a function to transfer voice data from SD to SPIFFS at startup.
 If there is not enough space, format SPIFFS using [SPIFFS_FORMAT_TOOL.bin].
 (Caution: Do not delete data of other apps by mistake!)
-In the bonus, corresponding to the light emission of [GO BOTTOM]’s NEOPIXEL.
 By pressing the [A] and [C] buttons at the same time on the title screen, you can switch the LED off and on.
 However, at present, the malfunction of the 0 light is confirmed.
 under investigation.

-Please place the entire folder at the root of SD.
-Notes : Since it is not a free material, redistribution is prohibited.

-For [M5Stack-SD-Menu] system.
+[M5Stack-SD-Menu] > Copyright 2018 tobozo
-SPIFFS format TOOL.
-Erases all data in virtual disk space.
 (Caution: Do not delete data of other apps by mistake!)